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Progression Tester

Evens Tester

Dozen Tester

Straight Numbers

Bet until Repeat

Follow the Win

Cash Method


Cover Method

Collection Method

Go For Three

The Holy Grail

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Multiple Number stackup

One number stackup


Trial by section 00


Steady Dozen

Derivative X

Carsch's System


The King System

The King System II

Dozen Progression



Oscar's Grind

Labouchere System



Even Progression


Labouchere System


Red/Black Sum

Sequence Method

Martingale Parlay

Martingale Wait

The Color Chase

Play 4

Whammy Bet


Double Street

Duel Trios


For / Against

Barbee Street

The Cannon


The Pioneer

The Pioneer Group

Repeat Sector

Shaun's System

The Old System



Roulette community

Instagram style platform just for the roulette players - Join today and get a free 1 week trial of the tools below !!! (five meaningfull posts to qualify)

Progression Calculator

This will help calculate your progressions


The Triggers tool will alert when certain events happen such as 8 numbers in a row without a repeat number, or a certain amount of losses on a given group of numbers. It tracks things such as neighboring numbers and frequency counts.

Triggers v10

The Triggers tool will alert when certain events happen such as 8 numbers in a row without a repeat number, or a certain amount of losses on a given group of numbers. It tracks things such as neighboring numbers and frequency counts.

Straight Wait

The Straight Wait system plays on the idea that eventually all the numbers will come up. The idea is that we track the numbers until the last x amount of numbers are left. We don't immediately play those numbers though, instead we wait for a certain amount of spins before playing a progression on the group.

For or Against

The For or Against tool tracks the last 24 numbers that came up (the "For" side) and calculates the odds that the next number will be one of the previous 24 numbers (the "For" side).

Distance Predictor

The Distance Predictor calculates the distance clockwise on the wheel from the number the dealer releases the ball at. It will then take the most frequence distance ranges and attempt to predict which segement of the wheel the ball will land in.

Outside Pattern

The Outside Pattern will bet a progression on a pattern such as Black, Red, Red, High for outside bets.

Group Hit

The Group Hit tool shows how many spins it takes for various groups of numbers to hit.


The Repeats tool shows how many times a number repeated along with how many time it repeated that many times. It also shows the gap between repeats.

Law of the Third

The Law of the Third basically shows that out of 37 spins about 24 numbers will come up, or about 1/3 will not come up. This tool tracks the last 37 numbers and shows which numbers did not hit, which numbers hit once, and which numbers repeated. It will be up to the player to figure out how to take advantage of that.


The Raindrop tool give a visual display of the gaps on the wheel between the numbers that have come up so the player can take advantage and play the gaps. Also available is a single zero version

Wheel Bias

The Wheel Bias tool will give frequency, losses in a row, and wins in a row for every bet location, even with user defined number groups.

Progression Tester

The Progression Tester will test progressions on one or more outside bets. You can also create your own group of numbers to test progressions on using the Group Progression tester.

Keno Calculator

Not roulette but a keno calculator -- Check the Keno Analyzer tool.

Spread Chart

The Spread Chart generates a chart that can be printed out to show all the neighbors for each number.

Hot and Cold

The Hot and Cold tool shows which section of the wheel is the hottest and which section of the wheel is the coldest.

Gap Test

The Gap Test is actually two tools. The first tool tracks, for example red, and shows the longest gap between hitting red. The second tool is a 'Magic Numbers' tool. Lets say you want to play a group of 5 numbers. The magic numbers tool looks back through the numbers and gives you the 5 numbers that will result in the lowest gap between hitting those numbers again.


This tool will display the numbers that came up before and after a set number.

Minimum bet Calculator

This tool will calculate the profit based on hitting only one spot on the last spin.

Roulette RNG

A simple roulette RNG which displays single numbers or 50-1000 at a time, something to help understand a larger history of numbers -- It was developed by an Ai chatGPT

History generator

A tool for those with their own roulette home table to collect the history of numbers easy Now with hot n cold numbers ! -- It was developed by an Ai chatGPT

Roulette Wheel

A wheel and history for those that play at home with a table but no wheel

Dozens tester rng

This tool simply tests dozens and how many times they come in or not -- It was developed by an Ai chatGPT

Coin flipper

A tool for those that understand 1/1 bets on roulette and see that flipping a coin is the same .. -- It was developed by an Ai chatGPT

The magic 4

This tool looks at patterns forming like red,black,black,red in blocks of four then we bet on it ending which would be black, the tool tells you which to bet on, it's upto you to martingale accordingly

Profit calculator

This Amazing tool helps you calculate the profit you can make from roulette

Repeats tool

This tool bets unique numbers to try to hit a repeat number.

Expected value

A tool that shows you your profits on placed bets

100/1 roulette

Just for fun this tool is a 100/1 roulette table with 100 numbers !!

Streaks tester

How long do streaks last? And how long does it take for them to come in ??

Single digit number tester

This tool works on the single digit strat and shows how many spins it takes to see 3 single digits in a row then it goes to double digits, after 2000 spins per 'spin again' button. Meaning when we see a single digit number we attack the double digits with confidence

Which 1/1 is missing ?

After 10 spins there should be one of every type of 1/1 bet If one is missing this tool will tell you which one It's upto the player to use these results as they choose.

Single digit number test

Most of the time when a single digit number lands the next spin likes to go to a double digit number, this is a tool to test this strategy.

Number combos

This tool will alert you when 2 numbers come in together in the history as combos.

Dozen bounce tester tool

The dozens don't like to bounce from one to another for too long, unlike a red black chop .. This tool will see how far the progression goes

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