Collection Method

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System Submitted By: Joe Miller

How to Play

The Collection Method is a cross between the 'One Number Stackup' and the 'Cover Method'.

The 'Cover Method revised' is set up so you can pick your own numbers, 
in this system, the numbers you bet on will be a Collection of the numbers that came up.

Every time a number comes up, you add it to your collection of numbers and bet
all the numbers in your collection.

The system will determine when your bet has to increase.
The easiest way to know what your bet needs to be if you want to play this at the casino
is to print out the 'Cheat Sheet', which is created based on how you answered the questions.

Q) What if you want to play up to 5 numbers in your collection and you lose all of them?
A) Start the collection over. The program and the cheat sheet are set up to keep track
   of what your bet needs to be in order to still make your profit target.

If you come up with combination that work well, then feel free to share it in on the message

Good Luck !